Thursday, November 14, 2013

News Filters Everyone Can Use...

So Rex Huppke is definitely getting cookies for Christmas. He nailed it again in his column in today's Chicago Tribune. "It's Sen. McConnell's world, and only his news lives in it" -- see if you can find it, because the Tribune site is slightly weird.

Anyway, apparently, Mr. Mitchy only wants news HE wants. Huppke indicated that at a recent news conference, Mitchy "made it clear that bad Obamacare news was all he was willing to discuss."

Here's the quote, right from his own mouth: "I prefer the news of that day to be what I'd like for it to be rather than what you all may be interested in pursuing."

Alllllllll-righty thennnnnnnnnn. I guess the only news I want to hear is stuff about cute fluffy puppies and a great yarn sale. Oh, and a good book sale, too, please. 

And, apparently, in the most recent news conference, President Obama says that he's just fine with your insurance company CONTINUING to sell you crappy insurance. Here's the CNN link. So basically, you can keep your crappy insurance for another year. Good luck with that, since that crappy insurance basically covers nothing. 

And if you all remember (or care to look it up), people were also slow to sign up for RomneyCare - human beings are procrastinators. They figure they have till January at least, so why rush? Apparently, there are people who have actually paid for coverage, but people who - like a lot of internet shoppers, have the policy "in their cart" but are not (for whatever reason - see said procrastination) paying for it yet. 

Again, remember: The insurance companies basically wrote this legislation. Nobody -- I mean NOBODY -- should believe that this is "health-care reform." It's only very basic "insurance reform" and it looks like it's not even very basic now. 


So our friends at Lululemon are still at it. Winning friends and influencing yogis all across the globe, I guess. First you have sheer pants. Then you recall them, bring them all new pants, and now, you say "sheer" is basically because women wearing Lulu pants are "fat." Yep. See this petition at - and the statements of their tone-deaf president. Here's the thing. I got the "stink-eye" when I went to a Lulu store a while ago. I was heavy. Well, no. I was fat. Obviously, the stick-thin mannequins in the store should've told me what I needed to know. But the condescending eyeball of the saleswoman? That did it. 

I would never buy yoga clothes from that store, even if they did buckle and make them in something larger than "Barbie-size." 

As far as my training is going, I'm working on the book reports; still haven't done much on the thesis work. I need to start that research and the get a script written. And then get Hubby to help videotape it all. 

And I have to get in 2 private lessons, plus a couple of "karma yoga" sessions (free to under-served populations). I will be setting those up in the studio where I teach; I've already gotten permission. 


Finished the latest Fluffy Scarf. I have only 2 more to go! Yay! 

I have the pink Opal sock to work on, and I think that over the Christmas break, I will start a sweater. My friend D actually gave me a sweater that no longer fits her, and all it needs is a sleeve. Problem is, she's still looking for that last ball of yarn... Anyway, if that yarn is found, I may well just finish that one. 


Well, the eye infection I got over the weekend is healing. It still looks like I've been up for a couple nights in a row, but I'm not itching and I can go outside without acting like Bela Lugosi in a vampire movie.

And how about those new cholesterol guidelines?? Yeah - just put MORE people on statins since they work so well... Basically, the experts say that doctors need to sort patients into 4 groups (those 4 groups are the ones for whom statins are recommended): patients with heart disease; all people ages 40-75 with Type II diabetes; those with LDL cholesterol of 190+; and anyone who has a 7.5% or greater risk of developing heart disease or stroke in the next decade.  That last category worries me, because that could be any of us. 

The estimates are that now, with these new guidelines, up to thirty million (yep, THIRTY million) people could be put on statins. 

We all know that high LDL is bad. And we often feel (at least *I* often feel) that doctors are at the mercy of Big Pharma. They don't push the most common-sense things to do: Lose weight and exercise. Cut out crap food. Move more, eat less.

And that's because that stuff is hard, and I'm sure they've made that speech a zillion times, only to be told, "Doc I just can't do it." Well, big difference between "can't" and "won't." There's no magic pill, folks. 

Statins are not nice drugs. Sure, they benefit some. But look at what the Mayo Clinic says about the side effects. Muscle pain and damage. Liver damage. Digestive damage. Increased blood sugar. And the ever-wonderful "neurological side effects."  Women are the most prone to these side effects, too. Aren't we lucky?

Thanks, I'll keep trying the old-fashioned way to keep my numbers where they need to be. 


Trying desperately to learn 3 new pieces for church. In addition to memorizing a guitar piece. And - I haven't been able to attend the rehearsals. Urgh. Hubby put the music on Sibelius (v. 7) and I'm picking away at it. Our strongest alto is in Florida and presumably will be there through Christmas. Drats. 

The trouble is, it seems that two of the pieces are right in the middle of my range. I'm soprano-to-alto, and this is some sort of weird tenor-ish stuff. Oh well. I have to learn the alto part, so off we go. 


Just downloaded Amy Tan's latest and can't wait to dive in. I love her writing. "The Valley of Amazement" is a story about a Chinese courtesan. She said in an interview that it "may be" based on some family history. 

Well, reading that, the Yarn Harlot (again) and the yoga books. It's keeping me busy, that's for sure. 

I have yet to dig into the Portable Faulkner that the kids got me for Christmas. I did ask them for 2 yoga books, though. They wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas and I don't need anything else. 

Except those slippers I mentioned a while ago, and I know Hubby is already getting those for me. 

Random Picture...

Comfy Tippi

Yes. Amazing Tippi cuteness. This was her, on Hubby's lap, last night. Of course, it does look uncomfortable. But she just gets in these weird positions. She has been known to curl herself up into this little grey donut shape and cuddle with me when she's stressed.

She's also been known to take up the entire couch. All 6 feet of it. I suppose if you stretch, extend your curly tail and just look as if you owned the furniture, the humans will let you be.

I've had very "flexy-bendy" dogs, apparently, because I'm also including one of Quinn. If you can see, her nose is about 2" from the floor. 
Quinn headstand

Yes, upside down, getting a belly rub from Kid #2. She plows onto the couch, stares at me if I happen to be sitting next to Hubby, and then HUBBY moves, so that Quinn can sit between us. 

When Kid #2 is on the couch, she barrels up there, puts her head down, and flips her butt over so that he can rub her belly. And as soon as I can catch that on video, I will do that. 


It seems as if the majority of the pictures on my phone are dog pictures. Very rarely kid pictures, though I did warn the kids that this Thanksgiving, we're taking pictures to put up on our family's Christmas website.

We've given up writing the annual Christmas letter. They're usually tossed anyway. But this year, since I have all those pics from our trip, we are going to do our ecological duty, saving paper, and just including a link in our Christmas cards. If you want to look at it, fine. If not, I'll never know!

Off to learn that music. Can anyone help me figure out why my external speakers are not working??? Ugh. 

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