Friday, May 17, 2013

Pictures and Updates

Don't faint -- it's two posts in two days!!

Anyhow, I couldn't find the sock pics on the computer because they were on my phone... So here they are. Still hunting for a sock pattern for the size 2 DPNs - a set of 5 of 'em. So I will continue the hunt. 

As you can see, the two cuffs are slightly different. I don't mind that because these are pretty much going to be buried in hiking boots, and I wanted to try the "ruffle" that I spoke about. I didn't wash the second one yet, so it's technically "not blocked" yet.  I don't think it'll make a whole lot of difference. 

The next picture is the "Doris heel" - so named because my knitting buddy Doris ALWAYS does this heel. It's a variation on a k1, sl1 kind of thing. There are always 3 knit stitches at the beginning and end of the rows. I think this makes a lovely heel and she taught it to me. The gussets on the bottom of the sock are also a bit different from each other since I wrote Doris'  down and I realized that I couldn't translate what I wrote! Drat. Anyway, again - not like I'm entering these in the county fair. They're just an experiment. 

The yarn is a worsted weight, and I used a size 3 DPN, which means they can practically stand on their own two soles! But that was the point of the pattern. The author said this would be a lovely tight fabric, and with the 100% wool, very warm and durable. And that's what hiking socks should be like. 

You can see a close-up here of the different cuffs. Remember, too, I didn't wash the top sock it may flatten out a bit with the help of some Eucalan! I might do that this weekend. 

As I got more and more annoyed at the Fluffy Scarf, I started trolling for "simple sock patterns using size 2 dpns" --- and I had one good site that somehow isn't turning up on subsequent searches. Rats... But I will look at a few of the ones I found. They're all basically THIS construction above, but I'm kind of a dork. I want the number of stitches, etc. I'm not a "knit a sock as easily as baking a cake" kinda gal, so I still need specifics. 

So far, the ruffle scarf is coming along. As you can see, ironing was probably a waste of time. LOOK at the twist in that ribbon!!! Urggggggggghhhhhhhh. The ball band said "you can use one or two balls of yarn, depending on how long you want your scarf." It's a good thing my mom is short. I wouldn't knit this as a 2-ball scarf for anything!!

The gal in the YouTube said she wound hers over a toilet paper roll. Do you think that I could find an empty TP roll ANYWHERE in my house?? Nope. Normally, I could find one but not when I needed it.

Though I guess it's always more efficient to find a FULL toilet paper roll when you need it, right? 

One thing I will tell you on this fluffy scarf: use wooden needles. The ones in the picture are beautiful birch needles that I bought for the "Ugly Duckling" scarf that I'm still puttering with. That one was the lace-weight yarn knitted on size 7 needles so you have a very open fabric. It turns out that that project is much better on a set of size 7 Addi Turbo (16") circulars. The lace-weight yarn didn't need a lot of "grip" but this stuff here really does! 

Sorry for the "faded" look of the pics. I love my Nokia Lumia and when I bought it, I was aware of the "camera sucks" reviews... But it's good in a pinch. 

Till next time, I'm going to slog away on that scarf for a bit more...

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