Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pink Shoes Day...

Blessed Rain!!
When your day looks like this, it's a day for the pink shoes... Granted, we need the rain - badly. But when it's 7:30 a.m. and it looks like 7:30 P.M. and you're planning a mad dash to work before the heavens open -- and  you miss it anyway because the heavens open on your way, and in spite of a rain coat the color of sunshine and your favorite full-sized purple umbrella, you're still fairly well soaked on your way into the office because you don't have a canopy over your front door and the rain is coming in buckets and your key is tangled in the key lanyard... you need the pink shoes.

In a moment that was totally outside my norm, I bought, for a wedding, a pair of pink tennis shoes. Granted, this was a wedding reception that was being held at a bar with a beach volleyball court...but I figured I needed something "zingy" that wouldn't require me wearing heels of any sort. Since I was also making the cake, I wanted to be able to carry it to the table without the danger of falling over myself. So I bought pink tennis shoes and a raspberry-colored straw bag to carry with me. I thought it was pretty spiffy looking, if I do say so myself.

Jodie's cake
Here's a picture of the cake. Amazingly, I had it scanned into the computer - because the original picture was actually on film! It was supposed to have been stacked - I purchased the acrylic stands the cakes are on specifically for the purpose of making the cake look like it was "floating" in the air. But once we found that we were outside, in August (this was several years ago), and next to said beach volleyball court, and there was a pretty stiff breeze? Well, we didn't stack the cake. Maybe for their 25th anniversary, I'll do it again and we'll stack it!!

Anyway, they got married lo those many years ago on a cruise, and then had a reception for those of us who couldn't attend the wedding.

Back to the pink shoes - I've worn them several times since. Always get comments on them, and I'm not sure if it's more like "Good grief - a woman HER age wearing those?" or "Good on her for wearing those." But I really don't care. They're comfy and they make me happy.

So today, we watched a storm spring up literally in front of us. And I decided it was "pink" day. I skipped the crazy socks; I do have my limits, right? I have a raspberry sweater on becaues my office is a blast chiller; I have on my 3 strands of faux pearls in pink, white, and red. And I'm wearing red gemstones. With tan khakis and a white tank top. And the pink shoes.

There's gotta be some sort of zing of color in a grey day like today, right?

At the moment, we're between rain storms.  We've probably got another several hours of rain, and like I said, it's nice to see that. Could do without the sound-and-light show, however. Particularly since I don't like thunderstorms, and the east wall of my office is actually a window...

I didn't bring my knitting to work today, which is probably a good thing. It would've gotten I'm reading at lunch. I'll be up and around checking on our IT department, who're redoing our computer lab, and I'm busy kicking "pillbugs" out of my office.

First, the bug guy said they were coming inside because of the drought. He re-sprayed and they went away for a while. Now, with the recent few rainstorms, they're coming in because it's dry in here?? Anyway, they're marching in like a herd of elephants, and we're vacuuming them up as fast as we can every morning. Our cleaner has taken to counting them!

So in honor of today's rain and in light of the fact that I'm kind of bored with my usual "neutral" dress, I'm wearing my pink shoes and trying to bring some "bright" in the "grey." Every once in a while, it's good for me to get out of the usual "beige" and "grey" that I usually wear. Today, I'm not going to blend into the wall.

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