Thursday, February 09, 2012

Yes, they are Ed!!!!

Ed Schultz is hammering away about the Catholic Church and the birth control issue.

The Catholic Church, as an employer, is NOT able to restrict its hires to only Catholics. "What is your religion?" is one of the "Do Not Ask" questions for hiring managers.

Basic Employment Law, Ed... You want to play with the big kids and want to be an employer, then you have to hire the qualified applicant who presents himself or herself.

So if I'm a Druid, an atheist, a Baptist or a Moonie, if I'm the most qualified candidate for the job, you MUST hire me. And I should be able to enjoy the benefits I would enjoy at any other job. If you don't provide those, within reasonable limits, I can choose to go elsewhere, but you also have to realize that in some communities, maybe the Catholic hospital is THE employer in the area.

Also, I just visited a website to get an answer...on The Viagra Question. Apparently, it's okey-dokey for Catholic MARRIED men. Because it "helps complete the marital act with his wife" as long as he uses it for "for morally upright intentions."

Sooooooooooooo - by reverse reasoning, it's still ok to wear out your wife with repeated pregnancies, no matter what it does to her health (the "Full Quiver" argument) and you can go get all perky... But SHE is not entitled to a respite from the the wear and tear a pregnancy has on a woman's body.

Yes, pregnancy is not a disease. But I've been pregnant 4 times. And I only have 2 kids. The others were miscarriages. God's plan for a not-so-healthy fetus? Or, as my doctor said, "Incompetent reproductive organs" --- also, if we're going there, given to me by God.

So yes, I've used birth control. It's helped me keep from bleeding for 2 weeks solid. It's helped me plan my family. And I will gladly stand before God and tell Her that. Along with 95%+ of the rest of Catholic women.

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