Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Bunnies are DONE...

I'm so excited to tell you that the bunnies are DONE and they've been submitted via CD to the contest. Here's the "unofficial" picture.

Done Bunnies!
Much, MUCH gratitude to Kid #1 for creating the tree (it's going back to him because he's not quite satisfied with it) and to Hubby for taking the time to do a real "magazine-quality" photo shoot for the contest. It's so awesome; when the contest is over, I'll publish the photo --- or maybe the LINK if I win something!!

Kid #1 says that he'd like to increase the size of the base, and he wants to "antique" it so that it looks a little more rustic. He may also add more branches on it. If he's thinking I'm adding eggs???  Well, maybe.

The bunnies - I may be adding some floss whiskers to them, since Hubby wasn't sure which end was the front. But for now, they are what they are.

So I guess this is project #2 that's "done" in 2012. The baby blanket continues to come along; and I'll post pictures soon.

On another note, I had a visit today from my friend's mom. My friend's IPI treatment IS WORKING!! The tumors in her brain are shrinking, and the IPI is apparently passing through the blood-brain barrier. Aside from the science, which I don't always understand, the brain has some sort of "preservation" mechanism where the dura doesn't allow chemicals to pass through in such instances as chemo - which is why brain cancer is so deadly. And I may have totally mashed THAT concept up as well. But this is what I'm told, and it sorta makes sense.

Anyway, she's had some nasty side effects; enough to delay her 3rd treatment (out of 4) for an additional 10 days, but the doctors are confident that it's worth it to delay to give her body a bit of a respite. She still can't knit; but her left side has a mind of its own.

Her mom was describing a conversation where she yawned and automatically, her left hand lifted to cover her mouth... So the brain is re-wiring the pathways; it's just taking some time, because it's also healing from the surgery, abosrbing the IPI and just kind of re-setting itself. Heaven knows it needs all the time it can get to make itself better.

Her hand having a mind of its own makes me smile.

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