Monday, December 05, 2011

Meandering Monday...

So it's 37 degrees out. It's one of my 14-hour workdays. It's dark outside. I'm not feeling too good - can't be what I ate because I already had food poisoning before Thanksgiving... Probably lack of sleep. Yes, I'm hydrating myself.

Good day for a meandering blog...

1.  I'm working on the Milk Chocolate bunny. He's coming along - I'm forming his ears now. I have heart-shaped buttons for their tails. I'll take a picture when they're all done.

2.  Next are the remaining knitted eggs....I have 5 done; need 7 more - maybe 8 of I can get them in.

3.  Newt is now the best hope for the Republicans. Good grief, I hope Huntsmann stays in the background. If I absolutely had to vote (R), Huntsmann would be my choice. Newtie's old news. Bad old news. The others are all crazy.

4.  I'm leaving for Xmas vacation early so I gave my young male student worker his scarf. He loved it. And he'll need it, as the weather will turn frigid this weekend.

5.  I dropped marinara sauce on my light-blue shirt. And in spite of many applications of Tide Stain Stick, it's not coming out.... Magic eraser my foot!! And yes, I do feel like an idiot, because guess where it landed? Yep. There. The left one. Yeesh.

6.  I have almost all my Xmas cards done. Off in the mail tomorrow. We did a link to our Annual Newsletter this time; saving a tree or two, and if you want to look at it, then do. If you don't? Oh well. You had your chance to see adorable pictures.

7.  When the network gets hold of It's a Wonderful Life and chops the crap out of it with commercials, they also axe some good scenes. So if that's your first experience seeing this film, please rent it from Netflix. And yes, it's cheesy. But it's Christmas. Deal with it.

8.  Can I squeeze 2 pairs of wristers out for the Boys??? They've been asking.

9.  I suppose I ought to, because Kid #2 has done fully half of my Christmas baking for me, for which, yes, I really am grateful.

10.  Yes, both kids can bake. Kid #1 does a mean job of rolling out potica dough. Guess you have to be a fabricator to get it down to the micron in thickness!

11. Yes, I've spent a TON of money at the LYS, since she's closing shop. I figure that the family can use the money, since she's got a terminal illness. And I've got most of it logged in my "stash" on Ravelry. With pictures. My goal might be to get the rest of my stash photographed and on Ravelry. But I might scare myself.  

12. I have a gorgeous project for the red Camelino yarn. And it's killing me to NOT cast on before my vacation and getting those *^&% wristers out of the way!!

13. It's very frustrating when someone sees me knitting and says, "I bet you save a ton of money knitting things yourself." Well....NO. A sweater done in a decent wool blend will cost upwards of $200 and a ball of good sock yarn (makes 1 pair) is around $16 - 20. When was the last time you spent twenty bucks on socks??  However ---- I'm glad they're not looking at me as if I'm wasting time. At least I console myself with the thought that they view knitting as a "productive" thing and not a totally idiotic thing to do.

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