Monday, February 21, 2011

You Can Tell it Was a Full Moon...

Me and my Bear
 Hi Everyone!! This is Tippi, your intrepid canine reporter. So I need to tell you about my training class last Sunday, but I need some help with the words.

What's a "revolt"??? My Mom said that was what was happening. Shallot's dad was laughing for a while, till Shallot apparently did this "revolt" thing too, but Bobbie, our trainer, had the last laugh when Mom mentioned that last Friday, the full moon was hanging low in the sky, like a "Harvest Moon" --- whatever that is!

Anyway.... I really was happy to get to class. I like class. We went to class and I was in a hurry to get inside to see who was there. It wasn't as crazy as last week's class, but there were plenty of people to sniff, corners to try to peek under and tons of food bits all around. Heaven!!

We got off on the wrong foot when I tried to pull Mom across the parking lot and through the doors - because there was a human lady there with a big blue wheeled thing - she was in MY way. But my mom snapped my martingale and said, "Tippi - you'd think you've never been here!" The other human lady just laughed.

The first part of the class, Shallot's dad and my mom helped Bobbie with some paperwork to become a CGC evaluator. She is a GREAT trainer but mom said she "needs work" on her writing. So, we had such FUN! Bobbie shut the training room door and Shallot and I got to play off-leash for a while. But that just meant our class ran a little later. See, Bobbie wants to become an Evaluator but mom says she's a Procrastinator. Her dog Leo actually passed the test but has to be re-tested because Bobbie didn't send in his paperwork!

Anyhow. Bobbie is doing a lot of work to make sure that Shallot and I pass our CGC exams. She would like us to be her first "graduating" class, and maybe Quinn, too, if we take her to be "refreshed." Dad says she needs "refreshing."

We did the loose-leash walking. We did meet-and-greet. We did the grooming thing. We did weaving through a crowd. Mom got hollered at because her hand was below the paper clip! I have to tell you that one.

My mom tends to keep me on a short leash. Not because I'm a bad dog! No sirreeeeeee. But because sometimes at PetSmart, other dogs don't have manners or their owners think it's "cute" when they come bashing out of a lane and lunge at us. I don't think it's "cute" and I've had to do my Big Bad Elkhound act more than once!

So Bobbie doesn't like mom to keep my leash tight, but she understands. So. For class, Bobbie put a paperclip on my nice hemp leash (courtesy of Fun Time Dog Shop at in a lovely pink color) and mom's hand isn't allowed to go past it.

So we did Loose Leash through a crowd AGAIN. This time, mom did ok.

Then we did the U-turn, and right and left turns. That was fun, and I did good. We had to do it twice because Shallot did have a problem, but it wasn't her fault. When we had our free-playing, she did get into the water. She's got a bladder the size of a flea, and she had a few accidents. So we took a break while Bobbie mopped up and Shallot went outside.

Then. Oh my. We did the "long-down-come-when-called" thing. I was not cooperative. I understand what they wanted me to do. I just didn't feel like it, thank you very much. Mom took FOREVER to get me to sit/stay. And every time she turned her back, I got up. We kept at it; I thought Bobbie was going to move on to Shallot, but she got really stern with me and said, "Sit. Stay." She's got a deeper voice than mom's (and she's got a pretty deep one!) and FINALLY I did it. I did cheat a bit and started my "come" before mom actually said come. I think we took a long, long, LONG time to do that. I was just not going to cooperate.

So then it was Shallot's turn. Mom and Shallot's dad think we planned it, but we really didn't (much). Shallot had a hard time staying. But then, she really did stay and when her daddy called, she just cocked her head at him and sat there. And sat there. So my mommy tried. She just sat there. Bobbie was laughing and that was when Shallot finally came; and then Mom mentioned the full moon.

Now everyone understood. At least the humans think that was why we did it. I just wanted to see if I'd still get treats. Bobbie did say "no cookies for Tippi" after it took 4 tries to get a sit/stay out of me. Drat.

Me and my favorite bone
It's our last class next week. Bobbie wants us to come back after that to help her with a dog in Intermediate. Is that therapy work? She said the other dog needs to be "socialized" and that we could help! I love to help! Maybe it means more treats. I have noticed the treats are getting smaller. Something to do with my vet saying "Tippi needs to lose about 8 lbs." I'm starving already! As I'm sure you can tell by this picture.

So as we were leaving, Shallot needed to piddle once more, right outside the PetSmart door. And this guy with this really funny-looking dog came up. My mom said, "Oh, a Bedlington!" and the guy was very impressed that my mom knew what it was. It looked like a sheep to me. Her name is Vera and she was nice. We got to say hello. The man asked my mom if I was a "Siberian" dog. Well, with all due respect to my Siberian Husky elder sister, NO! My mom told him I was a Norwegian Elkhound and he then said he thought his brother had one. Well, believe me, if his brother did have an Elkhound, he'd remember!

Till next week! Please go visit Fun Time Dog Shop - all the proceeds go to rescues like me and Quinn. They also help other breed rescues, so you can pick from what's on the list. Shallot and I really like the organic treats and I love my leash. Until next time!


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