Monday, August 16, 2010

Maybe "Thinking" Is In Order...Instead of "Hysteria."

OK, so everyone's shorts are in a knot about the community center and mosque being built in Lower Manhattan. And everyone's shorts are in a knot about President Obama's comments that (gasp!) even MUSLIMS have the right, in this country, to worship freely.

Let's dissect this for a second, before we all act like lemmings going headlong over a cliff.

Remember OK City? Remember the Murrah Federal Building? How many Christian churches are in the vicinity of that site? Because, if there ARE churches there, they need to be torn down. Because Timothy McVeigh was a CHRISTIAN terrorist who blew up a building, killing innocent Americans, including so many children! So tear down that evil, anti-American CHRISTIAN church near the hallowed ground of the Murrah Federal Building. Because a TERRORIST took innocent lives there. A TERRORIST killed Americans.

Oops. I guess it makes a difference if the "terrorist" looks like us.

Do you see how foolish that is?

Do you see how we are one nation that allows particular religious freedom, and that's one of our inherent rights as citizens?

Do you see how, if these screeching harpies get their way, we will have taken a hatchet to one of our most cherished beliefs and rights?

This nation was not founded on Christianity. This nation was founded on the idea of religious freedom. That means, in essence, the freedom to worship in your own religion. In peace. Without the threat of persecution from zealots from another religion who would prefer to kill off ANY other religion than their own.

So we stop the Muslims. Look at the math, people. The Muslim religion is a major religion which is just as old as, if not older than, the Jewish faith and Buddhism. Christianity is the "new kid on the block." When did Christianity become a bully religion?

We really need to regain our humanity. And our ability to think instead of react in a knee-jerk, sound-byte fashion.

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