Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kudos for ThinkPads...

You can watch the YouTube video of the "official" drop test for the IBM ThinkPad (now owned by China and called Lenovo) - or you can take my word that the thing DOES work after being dropped. By Quinn. We're sitting in the living room the other night, and all of a sudden, during the Olympics, I hear a holler. I figured it was something I missed on TV. Nope. It was a reaction to Quinn, who'd gotten spooked by something and had dashed out from under the dining room table - across the power cord I had on the floor - and in her dash, she snagged her foot on the power cord and WHAM!! Down came my laptop off the dining room table and right onto the laminate floor. Apparently, the grace of the dash was interrupted by the fact that she couldn't get any traction on the floor. Quinn took off and hid under my chair. I grabbed the computer and Hubby looked at it to see what was going to happen next. Of COURSE, it was booting up at the time she decided to take off. I have a ding in the floor. The battery on the laptop has a little dent in it. And last night, Hubby snapped the keyboard back into place. But it runs. Whew!! Now we know - it's puppy-proof.

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