Saturday, January 02, 2010

Meet Tippi...

Well. You always think that things happen for a reason. And maybe they do. After we lost our Elkhound, to cancer in early December, we knew we'd have to get another dog. Our husky has been in the doldrums, and we always thought dogs should be in pairs, even when they "own" their own humans!
I contacted a gal from the Norwegian Elkhound Rescue Association. Luckily, Elkhounds are kind of an unusual breed - not very popular, thanks, and rescues are sparse compared to, for example, huskies and mixed breeds.
I expected several weeks at least. We're going to Wisconsin tomorrow to meet Tippi... They say all things happen for a reason. Today is 01/02/2010 - a palindrome date. One maybe endowed with mystical powers, since it's the same forward as it is backwards. And maybe I was meant to contact the rescue coordinator. And maybe Tippi was supposed to be where she was.
And maybe we'll give a lovely dog a forever home.


Anonymous said...

I heard you brought Tippi home. She is a lucky dog - hope it works out!

Kari said...

Way to go Tippi.... I hope you are all doing well tonight....I have my fingers crossed she fits in easily.... the rescue coordinator. kari

Elayne said...

Tippi is beautiful. I know she is now in her forever home.
My first dog was Tippy. That was in 1960, I got her at the pound. They told me she was a Boston Terrier. She was 4 weeks old. She turned out to be Lab and Short haired pointer. She was my first child.