Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'll give her points...

As a bona fide tree-hugging liberal, I must in full disclosure state that 9 times out of 10, I don't agree with the conservative Republican pundits out there. As a mom, though, I must give credit where credit is due. There's a bigg-ish kerfuffle regarding Meghan McCain's blog and her attacks - make that "attacks" - on Ann Coulter and Laura Ingraham. And I'm not sure that I'm spelling Laura's name right - and I don't care, truly. I did not vote for John McCain. And I wouldn't. Aside from several things that gave me pause during the everlasting campaign, I think he's too old for the very stressful job of President of the United States. And on top of that, he waffles and then calls people names who waffle. Doesn't seem to see that, and other things, in himself. Introspection is a valuable thing to have when you're running the nation that purports to be the beacon for the world. Politics aside, I didn't think too much of Meghan at all, other than that she was his daughter. Then, she wrote that she didn't like - or agree with - Ann Coulter. And then, apparently, she didn't agree with Ms. Ingraham 0r Ms. Ingraham didn't agree with her. The upshot is that there's a "fight" because Meghan has had the audacity to speak her mind. And she's not speaking in lemming or via talking point or anything. She's saying what SHE personally believes. And that is, "there has to be a point where we can find common ground." And for that, Laura Ingraham called her fat. In a clipping where Laura herself sounded very "Valley Girl," she accused Meghan of that self-same sin and then said she was fat. Who's older here? I'd venture to say Laura Ingraham is. Who's more mature? At this point, it looks like Meghan is. She went on The View and basically stated that the whole thing is idiotic and that the best someone can do is call her fat. Look. No matter what party you're involve in, EVERYONE has a right to speak his or her mind. It's what our Creator gave us a brain for. And nobody should be forced to speak along someone else's train of thought, particularly if one believes something slightly or totally different. Meghan McCain is not a political genius. What she is is a girl with guts and the forum to speak her mind. And for that, some older woman calls her fat. Grow up. Listen to the fact that this kid (and she is - she's younger than my oldest kid) is speaking out for what she believes in. Isn't this what we as parents hope for? That our kids will develop into their own persons and be able to function in the adult world on their own? Calling this kid fat is just plain stupid. Attacking someone who dares to think differently based on their physical being is rude. Juvenile. Silly. Immature. And it's guaranteed to make more people listen to what Meghan McCain is saying. Meghan, while I don't always agree with you, I will most certainly applaud you for saying it. Good luck in the world of "adults." You'll need it.

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