Monday, January 08, 2007

Is Civility Dead???

Just checking, but I have to ask. Is civility dead? I'm not even talking about "real people" - I'm talking about online civility. Where did so many people leave their manners? I do participate on several discussion threads; and I do read other's blogs. And I wonder where the manners are. Can we just disagree, or must we dissolve into name-calling, swearing and complete nincompoopery when it comes to those who "aren't like us"? Look at the television - Rosie and The Donald are fighting, and so he calls her "fat." Well. There's a news flash. I'm sure Rosie knows she's fat; just like Donald knows his toupee is awful looking. But here's a man who bills himself as "the best" at what he does. And the minute someone pokes a hole in his seriously out-sized ego, he calls her "fat." Oy, Donald. Get over yourself. Rosie knows she's fat. And you know what? While you don't give a hoot about what "normal" people think, you've alienated a whole group of people - fat women. Since the rate of American obesity is pretty high, that's a significant demographic. And, I'm just speculating here - there just MAY be some pretty rich fat women. Who knows? Donald, you may have just shot a future investor in the foot...or wherever. People online have a curious habit. They think they're invisible so they can be whatever they want at the moment. It's the ultimate fantasy life. I could tell you that I'm 5'9" with long dark hair and I weigh 145. Well. That's hardly the reality. I'm 5'4" with short grey hair and I weigh a little more than that. Hey - I'll admit my height, but you gotta at least give me a break on the weight thing. I post on a board through Weight Watchers. I've blogged about a wonderful group there, my Knitsters. But there is another board that I post with, and I have to tell you - it's a typical hate-filled relationship with a couple of posters. The WW people obviously don't want to implement some easy controls, so they let these people thumb their noses at their first rule: Be courteous. These people seem to think that ANYONE who doesn't agree with them is "fat, an idiot, a moron, and stupid." Oh, it's such a waste of bandwidth. I use WW online - that's my meeting. I pay for that. These "trolls" are non-paying members who are allowed access to the boards. I have a suggestion for WW: enforce your rules. It will make for a happier community.

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